Hi I'm Blurple! Here's some things you should know about me: batch: 02 idNumber: 00005 rarity: Common badge: White material: Plastic body: Standard power: Genesis Engineering Log 08.30.2022 We had hoped user acquisition would lead to containment of the Cub3ricks, but the truth is quite the contrary. These creatures seem to multiply each week. Perhaps the idea of being contained manifests their very existence? One thing is certain, we are discovering new findings each day. They Cub3ricks are surprising well adapted to our world. From their base forms come a dazzling array of varietals, almost as if each one must carve out an identity for itself. Early tests show that even the smallest dose of external stimuli produces a potent transformation effect. Who knows forms these remixed creatures will take, but for now we expect to see a multitude of species as they further develop themselves for their end goal, whatever that may be.