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Unblocked is at the forefront of producing blockchain-backed collectibles for your favorite communities. We’re committed to creating fun and meaningful experiences by building features that reward both collectors and creators alike for participating.


Unblocked drops digital collectibles for many different kinds of artists and influencers. We have digital collectibles for music artists, athletes, visual artists, and more.

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Unblocked Exchange is a new NFT marketplace for artists and influencers. Everything here is community-first. Join the action with just an email and credit card. The easy user experience is a major upgrade from other marketplaces that require technical knowledge, time, and money to onboard. Here, fans connect to artists through NFT ownership. Artists connect to fans with special rewards and exclusive interactions. And we’re all together building a community excited to advance the intersection of art, music, and web3.
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Introducing Invaiders - an art-driven project powered by AI but driven by human design of 300 aliens, meticulously designed to be completely unique as a 1/1. As a proud owner of an Invaider, you'll receive access to an exclusive Discord channel where you can connect with fellow collectors and stay up-to-date on the latest drops, features, and games on Unblocked. Plus, you'll get first dibs on future drops by Unblocked! Each purchase will unveil a 1/1 Invaider.


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